The Open Championship of the Odessa region in Kyokushin

Last weekend, the Open Kyokushin Karate Championship of the Odessa region took place in Odessa. The competition was held among children, juniors, men and women in the categories of kumite and kata.

The organizers of the tournament contacted our team for the first time, until that moment they had no experience with the “Tournament Expert” software. Moreover, only 1 week was given for the preparation process – this is a short period of time for setting up the entire tournament.

The tournament was attended by 187 participants in the kumite and kata categories. A total of 17 coaches from different regions registered, and the total number of categories at the competition was 47.

“Everything is ready for the tournament”

In this short time we have helped the organizers


“The secretary’s workplace. General construction”

It was not easy for us to organize the tournament because the composition of the participants changed until the very last moment (on the night before the tournament, the composition of the participants was changed and a new standings was formed) Due to technical limitations during the tournament, it was not possible to use the 4th scoreboard. At the tournament, only two information boards were used for tatami A and for tatami B. In our opinion, this is not enough.

“The tournament begins. The secretaries, all the judges have taken their places, the rivals are invited to the tatami”

Also, due to the lack of technology (there was no printer), diplomas were filled in manually. Our system allows you to show the list of winners not only in the form of a report, but also to display it on the screen. This helped us quickly cope with the task of filling out the winners’ diplomas. There was also no Internet during the tournament. Unfortunately, for this reason, the capabilities of “Tournament Expert” were not used to conduct a live video broadcast. However, our software can work offline and this has not become an obstacle. This mode allows you to hold competitions without an Internet network. Data synchronization was performed using a USB drive. Our software allows for delayed synchronization.

“Secretary during work. There are fights in the Kumite category”

The tournament was wonderful. Parents and coaches were pleasantly surprised by the presence of an information board with data about the current match. They also highly noted the opportunity to see who is next preparing and going out on the tatami. According to the results of the tournament, a cash prize was awarded for a 1-2-3 team place.

“The secretary keeps a record of the fight in the Kumite category. Marks the scores of Vasari, Ippon, Chui. Uses a duel timer. “