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Tournament Expert is a subsidiary of NetInfo. The basis of our activity is the development of mobile and web applications that allow you to hold even the most voluminous tournaments literally at the click of a button.

In 2018, we set ourselves an ambitious goal - to turn the holding of sporting events into a real art. The study of all the intricacies of conducting such events has led to the creation of several interconnected applications.

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Now the tournament organizers, coaches and athletes can enjoy the event itself without unnecessary nerves.
Tournament application system development team
Expert is one of the most talented
and innovative in their field. We have created a unique
platform that allows you to organize and hold
tournaments of any complexity.

Main idea

The Tournament Expert system is to give
organizers the opportunity to conduct
competitions in online mode, with minimal costs for organization and safety of participants.
The development team has created a user-friendly interface,
which allows you to easily customize the tournament settings,
add participants, track their results and much more.


One of the main advantages of the Tournament
Expert system is its flexibility. It can be used
for tournaments of any kind, from simple games
before major sporting events. In addition, the
system supports various
competition formats, including single and team games, as well as
tournaments. with different terms and conditions.

Development team

Tournament Expert consists of highly qualified
specialists in the field of programming, design
and project management. We are constantly working on
improving the system and adding new features to meet the needs of our customers. In addition,
we provide professional technical support
and assistance in setting up the system for each tournament.
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We create

All in all, the Tournament
Expert development team is an example of how
can simplify and improve the organization of tournaments
and competitions. Our system is reliable
and a convenient tool for holding tournaments
of any level of complexity, and they continue to work
to improve it to meet the needs
of its customers. We create software for conducting and monitoring sports events, in particular, karate.

Our statistics for the current day

From many different countries
From more than 100 different sports clubs
Local and international

Our mission

Our mission is to bring your tournaments to a new level! Our team of specialists has developed an application that covers all the most complex stages of organizational work.
Now all this can be done in just a couple of clicks.

In the world of sports, our technology has revolutionized the organization and management of events.
One of the most significant achievements was the use of software applications
to optimize processes and improve the overall experience both for athletes, organizers,
as well as for the audience.

High time to be online!

Cooperation with clients is the best market strategy.
We strive for the future, we love to master new technologies.
That is why we have created a mobile application.
By installing it, you will be able to manage your tournament anytime and anywhere!
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Время быть онлайн!

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