St. Petersburg’s karate tournament “Twinning Cup”

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On April 8, 2023, a karate tournament “Twinning Cup” was held in St. Petersburg, in which local athletes from various clubs and dojos took part. Excitement and anticipation were in the air as the fighters prepared to demonstrate their skills and compete for the prestigious cup.


The beginning of the tournament

Many athletes expressed their enthusiasm for this event, trained hard in the run-up and were eager to test themselves against worthy rivals. Some were motivated by the prospect of earning medals and recognition, while others simply enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate their passion for karate and learn from experienced masters.

When the matches started, it quickly became clear that the level of competition was high, and the athletes demonstrated impressive technique, speed and endurance. However, one aspect that stood out in particular was the use of the Tournament Expert software, which greatly facilitated the organization and management of the event.


Setting up a tournament

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and powerful features, the software allowed the tournament staff to quickly and efficiently schedule matches, record results and provide real-time updates to both participants and spectators. One of the particularly innovative features was a colorful information board that displayed all the necessary information for each tatami, including the names of the fighters, their styles and the status of their matches.


Special colour marking for tatami

The information board was also color-coded, with each tatami assigned its own color – red, yellow or blue – to help athletes easily find their assigned seats and avoid confusion. This proved especially useful during a busy and fast-paced tournament, as it allowed the fighters to focus on their performance rather than worry about logistics.


The work of tournament secretaries

In addition to the practical benefits, the use of the Tournament Expert software also added an additional level of excitement and engagement to the tournament, as both athletes and spectators enjoyed the updates and analytical information provided by the software in real time. This helped create a sense of community and camaraderie as people shared their thoughts, predictions and reactions to the unfolding matches.

In general, the Twinning Cup tournament was a resounding success, both athletes and organizers highly appreciated the high level of competition, organization and enjoyment. Thanks to the innovative use of the Tournament Expert software, the tournament was able to run smoothly and efficiently, providing local athletes with a platform to showcase their skills and passion for karate.


Ссылки на видео трансляцию:

Day 1. Tatami 1:

Day 1. Tatami 2:

Day 2. Tatami 1:

Day 2. Tatami 2: