Belarus Open Cup 2023 Open International Tournament

Dear friends!



We are pleased to inform you about one of the most anticipated events in the world of karate – the Belarus Open Cup 2023 tournament in Minsk! Our wonderful organizers will prepare everything so that every participant and spectator can feel the atmosphere of a great sporting event.

But what makes the Belarus Open Cup 2023 special? It’s all about the software, which is used at all stages of the tournament. This innovative solution allows you to automate many processes, such as registration of participants, drawing up schedules and tables with results, monitoring the progress of the tournament and much more. All this significantly facilitates the work of participants and organizers, reduces the waiting time and leads to better sports results.

In addition, is not just a universal solution for the tournament, but also a high-tech product that allows you to improve the experience of participants and spectators of the tournament. For example, online broadcasts, point counters, analytical reports and other functions are available for viewers, allowing not only to monitor the progress of the tournament, but also to receive useful information about kyokushin karate.

“Belarus Open Cup 2023” is not only a bright sporting event, but also a demonstration of advanced technological solutions in sports. Join us to experience incredible emotions and learn more about new technologies!